Avix Group is the expert resource for organizations and individuals who wish to design their enterprises to achieve Operational Excellence. Our Directors have combined, 40 years of experience in Services and Manufacturing industries.

We work with organizations to rapidly identify and implement overhead cost reduction strategies, manage performance and process improvement initiatives and optimize shared service delivery models. These companies can be from diverse sectors in Services, Manufacturing and Government.

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The key for Organisational growth lies in the ability to continually improve business processes and achieve business excellence. Our CTT training programs cover operational, processes and quality assurance with accredited certifications.

Our team of expert trainers can complement your own internal development programs with our training designed to suit your unique circumstances. We can train individuals, small or large groups through in-house or external trainings arranged by our team.

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Our Business Focus

We identify and deliver cost reduction and cash improvement opportunities for companies that can be implemented quickly for results within the fiscal year according to the four critical variables in any performance improvement undertaking: Costs, Complexity, Current market position and changing customer behaviors.

Research shows that companies with the lowest complexity at least 30 percent faster than their average competitor. High complexity is often a symptom of a larger problem, and addressing the root cause is important. We expect a minimum reduction of costs of 10% for clients undertaking Process Excellence initiatives.


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